Social Marketing & SEO


Social Media Marketing

We can help you boost your online presence, push you up the rankings in search results and increase the reach and engagement of your social media page(s)/account(s).

A good social setup, blog included, is key in helping people, and Google, know who you are and what you do.

Whether you already have a plan and a budget and are looking to outsource it, or looking to start from scratch or fix engagement issues, we can help!

What can we do for you?

  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter management
  • Hashtag analysis (what to use on each platform, hashtag rules, etc.)
  • Website blog (this can be key in increasing your search ranking - not all posts have a positive outcome!)
  • Tracking changes in traffic, reach & engagement through FB/Insta/Twitter & Google Analytics
  • Integrated tracking with Google LookerStudio dashboards
  • Google Drive folder containing any custom images created for your campaigns (you will own the IP)
    • Any custom images may be hand drawn using a tablet, or generated using our experience with Stable Diffusion AI

You can opt for a fully managed package, or pick out the bits you want help with.  It's up to you!

Get in touch to discuss what works best for us both and we'll roll out a plan.

SEO Tracking & Analytics

Search Engine Optimisation is exactly what it says, a process of "Optimisation".  Once the basics are up and running, and you're getting clicks/visits/engagement, it's a process of watching what works, what doesn't, what people like most/dislike.

Don't forget, search bots also read whatever you post, and if it's not relevant to what your site is about, or if it's a direct copy of someone else's work, it could have a negative effect.

This is one of our standard dashboards built in Google LookerStudio (previously DataStudio). It combines Google Analytics web stats with Google Search Console results.

This is just a fraction of what Google is able to track about your website, but it's enough to create actions from:

  • Total users: total unique visitors
  • Referred by: where did they find your site?
  • New users: total unique NEW visitors (e.g. 6 total, 5 were new)
  • Sessions: total visits from those users
  • Query: the search phrase someone typed into Google Search
  • Impressions: number of times you have appeared in that search term/phrase
  • Average position: the average row number you appear in for that search (there are 10 slots per page - excluding ads)
  • Clicks: the number of clicks your site has had from that search term/phrase
  • Page title: the title of the page the user(s) visited
  • Views: the number of views the page has had

With these stats you're able to see unique users over time and watch the trend/changes, see which pages & blog posts people are viewing, which search terms Google thinks relate to you, where people are finding you (Facebook, Google, etc.), etc., etc.

Click below to learn more about what other stats you can use, what they mean, and using them to drive decisions!