Microsoft 365 Support


Microsoft 365 Support

We are a registered Microsoft 365 Cloud Partner.  So, if you need a new install or help with your current one, you only need to ask!

Whether you just need to know which MS 365 subscription you should be on, need a printable template designing for you, or are planning something bigger, like migrating from Zoom to Teams, we can help!

We regularly setup Microsoft 365 Business installations, write macros, Excel reports, and offer 1-on-1 instruction on the basics of formatting, formulae and forms.

In short, whatever your needs, large or small, drop us a message!

MS 365 Pricing Guides

There are free trials available, free apps (including Teams), basic subscriptions, home & business versions.

We can help you figure out what you need.

These are the two most common (and recommended by us) installations for businesses.

We would definitely recommend going for the Business editions, rather than Home, as it is specifically tailored for business use.

For example: per user subscriptions, includes Teams, lower entry level pricing (see below).

If you'd like to see all plans, click the button at the bottom!